Saturday, 11 August 2018

B6 Traveller's Notebook

If you've read my blog much recently, you'll know that I've become a recent convert to the B5 size, having a) converted an old Filofax Deskfax to a B5 Traveller's Notebook and b) found that B5 is a great size for book planning notebooks (see my reviews of a Zhi Jin notebook here, a B5 Leuchtturm dot matrix book here, and a set of Rosaliny Green World B5 notebooks here).

Before my conversion to B5, I had already been exploring B6 as a size. Now, don't get me wrong, I do love my Traveller's Notebooks (original size), but sometimes they are a bit big. This is probably because they are wallet, diary and notebook, all in one, but sometimes I think I want something a bit smaller.

Way back in January (!), I decided to dip my toe in the B6 water and bought (secondhand) a B6 TN via a Facebook group. I don't know why I haven't blogged about it before now... perhaps because I'm not using it yet.

For those who aren't au fait with the B sizes, B6 is 125mm x 176mm (or roughly halfway between A6 and A5) - which is shorter than a standard TN and wider (210mm x 110mm). I did a couple of charts to try and demonstrate:

Sizes, side by side
Sizes, stacked on top of each other

I don't remember what make this TN is... and there are no maker's marks on it either. It might be a Bevdori (but I can't confirm that). Inside, there are 4 strings and some slip pockets:

For me, if I started using it, I would need to be able to carry money as well as a diary and notebook, and those pockets aren't going to cope, so I also treated myself to a sweet little fabric insert, by Thread and Prints on Etsy (click here to go to the store):

The insert has space for 9 cards (though doubling up would be easy), and there's an open pocket behind the card slots. On the right, there is a zipped pocket. It's not quite as easy to use as the plastic TN wallet inserts, but a) I'm trying hard not to buy plastic and b) I really like the cats! (Lots of other fabric is available).

I also cut down a Rhodia dot matrix A5 book to use either as a notebook, or, if I drew it in, as a diary. I would probably print a diary though as it would be quicker!

Cut down Rhodia dot matrix book

Also from Thread and Prints, I got a couple of Unicorn books in B6 size:


Here it is, next to my current every day carry, a Meadowbank Leather TN (also bought secondhand - see here for details).

As you can see, the B6 is shorter but wider. I suspect the footprint is essentially the same...

Will I ever use it? To be honest, it feels chunkier than the TN. This might be because it is of a slightly stiffer leather, or because it has a thicker spine. Or, I may have just got used to the tall, thin shape of the TN. Crunch time might come towards the end of the year when I'm deciding what to use for 2019.

But before that... I have another TN on its way - this time a smaller one. Keep you posted!

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