Monday, 18 January 2016

Page per Day Challenge #3

I wrote here about winning one of the day per page diaries for the Quo Vadis Challenge and the wrote here about my first foray into using the diary. Now we're a bit further in, how's it going? Am I still using it? Or have I already failed the challenge?

Well, I'd put it down as a hit and a miss!

Yes, I am still using it every day (though in all honesty, sometimes I'm writing it up the following day). I'm still doing what I set out to do - a quote, the weather, a summary of the day, what I'm currently reading, and some tracking. I had to move away from fountain pens as everything bled through like crazy, so now it's all being written in biro or Staedtler triplus fine-liners (that I got free from Cult Pens).

This is about the dullest day to show you (so I don't have to redact anything!):

I'm outlining what I've done over the day in the top boxes (around the date). The space below that is used to record the weather. I have a quote in every day and then a quick summary of the day. This day got a sticker but they often don't!
There's some tracking at the bottom, and a note of what I'm reading. I'm keeping a list of books read at the back of the diary (using the pages intended for addresses).

I've added a bookmark with a Celtic dragon charm on it, taped to the spine:

So, that's the hit part... what's the miss?

I miss being able to journal to process things. I get that this is a diary to record highlights and I'm generally doing that (though some days are better than others), but I've often used a diary/journal to empty my head and process things, or just to write in more detail about something. So, as well as the little Exacompta Forum shown here, I'm using a Nanami Seven Seas Writer (given to me by a dear friend). As I am in the Exacompta Forum, I'm writing in it in two columns. Unlike the Forum, I'm not writing every day - just when I have something I want to write about. Unlike previous journalling, I'm also sticking a few things in (the Russian stamps from my TN for example), though not much, it must be said. I'm going to try and do more of that and make it more visual in general.

What I'm writing in the Seven Seas journal is too personal or private to be able to show you very much. Here's about the only page I'm prepared to share (mostly because it's covered in stamps!):

So, a hit because I'm managing the Page per Day Challenge, but a miss because I'm overflowing into another journal and doing several pages some days.

How's everyone else doing the Challenge getting on?

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