Sunday, 3 January 2016

Page per Day Challenge #2

Best laid plans and all that...

After spending a long time thinking about what I wanted to record each day as a snapshot of my day, I had decided that I would note
  • the date
  • the day of the week
  • the weather
  • a quote for the day
  • a summary of the day
  • some tracking (meditation, physio, exercise)
  • what I'm currently reading

I used a stencil to mark the date and month and colouring pencils to record the weather and temperature. The quotes throughout the year I had intended to be in Diamine Night Sky - a black ink with a silver shimmer. The rest of the entries would be in fountain pen with no colour especially in mind, just whatever was in my two finest nibbed pens.

My word, the paper doesn't cope with pens! The stencilling was done in a Pilot hi-tecpoint 0.5 rollerball. That bled through to the other side. The quote bled through horrendously. The summary of the day (a bit blanked out for privacy in the picture) bled through and even the very fine Platinum 0.2mm Preppy bled through.

Day 1. Some bits blanked out for privacy
The reverse! Aaaghh!!!
LOOK at that bleed through!!

This needs a whole rethink about what inks to use. Bleeding through to the page of dialling codes is one thing... bleeding through onto pages I want to be able to read is another thing entirely. It looks horribly like I'm going to have to use BIRO in this.


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