Thursday, 31 December 2015

Quo Vadis Forum Journal/Page per Day Challenge #1

Recently, Quo Vadis ran a raffle to win one of three of their diaries (Journal 21, Notor or undated daily), in which to do the Page Per Day Challenge. You can see the blog posts about the challenge on the Quo Vadis page here.

I entered, and asked for the undated version because I liked the layout of it more than I did the others and I'm glad that I did indeed receive one of the undated daily versions. Free stationery is of course, free stationery, but I wouldn't have been happy to get the Notor and would probably have emailed back and asked them to give it to someone else if they'd said I'd won one. The Journal 21 would have been okay, but I genuinely did want the undated daily!

It arrived yesterday thankfully, as I was worried that the New Year would start before the diary had arrived. Here it is, still in the shrink-wrapping:

Exacompta Forum Journal picture
Exacompta Forum Journal

And here it is unwrapped - front...

Exacompta Forum Journal picture
Exacompta Forum Journal front (with label)

...and back...

Exacompta Forum Journal picture
Exacompta Forum Journal back (with label)

The size of it is great! It's 5" x 7" which is big enough to write a reasonable amount, but small enough that I will have to think about what to record.

First up is a title page which just says Forum with the branding at the bottom right:

First page

After that there is a page for putting personal details and the first of a few information pages:

Personal information; weights and measures

There is then a double spread of dialling codes for places in the USA:

Followed by a map of the USA and dialling codes for countries around the world:

After that the diary starts. I haven't dated it yet, but I think there could be 366 diary pages... and 2016 is a Leap Year.

Right at the back is a page for travel expenses and then a few pages to record addresses and phone numbers etc.

Page layout:
I liked this diary for journalling because there is a space at the top to record any events/appointments, but the rest of the day is free and simply lined paper. The other two on offer - the Journal 21 and the Notor - had more detailed layouts. The Journal 21 has a space at the top of the page with a mini diary tucked to one side and the rest of the page has timed slots. The Notor has a very busy layout with blocks of colour that hurt my eyes. Enough said.

Nice, straightforward layout

The paper is 64 gsm, acid and chlorine-free. I'll see how well it behaves with fountain pen. I really hope it will be okay. The Quo Vadis ABP2 isn't bad but there is some show-through with some pens.

The bottom corner of the page can be torn off to mark your progress through the book, which is good, because there is no ribbon marker. I will possibly add a ribbon marker to it, not least because I have some lovely charms that I want to use!

The cover is simple kraft card with a leather effect that reminds me of the Clairefontaine Age Bag notebooks. Unlike the other two diaries in the giveaway, there was no cover included as well as the diary, but that's fine - I like the plain kraft one (I threw away the one that came with the ABP2 as it was so horrible but if I hadn't, it would have fitted it I think).

It has sewn binding which means that it should lie flat. That said, the ABP2 has sewn binding but only lay flat after I broke its spine in several places. Initial opening of this indicates it lies a bit flatter than the ABP2 but not flat-as-a-bat.

Overall, I think it's a great little day per page diary. I'm struggling to find stockists for this, including on the Quo Vadis site (but maybe I'm looking in the wrong places). If anyone knows where it can be bought, let me know in the comments? Thanks!

I shall be doing updates on how my journalling goes, as part of the Page per Day Challenge, so please do come back and see how I get on. Is anyone else taking part? Let me know and I can do a regular round-up of posts, if people want.


  1. I am wondering if this might be a Quo Vadis USA product as it is available on websites here? At you can buy them separately with or without various covers or in lots of 10 for $85 USD. I have had the nasty ABP2 cover but you can buy separate covers that are quite nice, and the journals too, at Sort for "Quo Vadis covers" on this site and choose what you want and, yes, they are the same size as ABP2 or Notor covers. I am attempting the Quo Vadis page per day challenge in an ABP2.

    1. Ooh, thanks for the info!!
      Do you have a blog? Will you be posting on how you're getting on with the challenge? How are you finding the narrow ruling in the ABP2? (It may yet defeat me! I was intending to use one as a day planner...)
      Happy to post links to your blog if you want.

    2. No blog; I am pen and paper deficated. I occasionally post photos on the FB Quo Vadis page. I am finding the narrow ABP2 ruling ok as I am using a Note 15 for planning and those lines are the same. The only problem I run into is my horrible eyesight, but can't blame the planner for that.

  2. I found US stockists by searching with the reference number 1401, but it doesn't show up on the QV website.