Monday, 21 December 2015

New purchases

Just because I've been working away at other stuff, doesn't mean I haven't been buying stationery. Oh no sir-ee! In fact, some (DH, for example) might call it a splurge!

I've recently become the owner of:
  • a Nemosine Singularity Demonstrator with M nib
  • a Jinhao X450 fountain pen with M nib
  • a Leuchtturm package from Bureau Direct of A5 Leuchtturm notebook, pen loop and Palomino Blackwing pencil
  • an A5 Life Noble notebook with squared paper
  • a bottle of Diamine Ancient Copper ink

Today: the two new fountain pens. As ever, click on any image to enlarge.

1. The Nemosine Singularity Demonstrator with M nib

Box (front)

I bought this via eBay for the princely sum of just under £15 including shipping from the USA. It came in a box and the pen can take either short international standard cartridges or can be converted to use bottled ink. The converter came with the pen, as did 6 cartridges. The pen has a 3-year perfection warranty, though as you need to pay postage of the item to and from the USA plus $5, it's probably not worth it unless you are IN the USA.

Box (back)

As it's a demonstrator, the barrel is clear. The cap unscrews; the converter is a push-fit. The nib is quite long (approximately 23mm of it pokes out from the barrel; same as the Conklin Durograph) and the tip is glass smooth. The M nib is on the broader side of medium. If you prefer a finer line then this might be too thick for you.

Nemosine singularity demonstrator
Nemosine singularity demonstrator (cap removed)
Close up of the nib

In the hand, the pen is lightweight and nicely balanced. The large nib has sometimes made the pen feel like it's in a slightly different place in my hand, but I've quickly got used to it, presumably because I've got used to the Conklin. It's an acrylic barrel and so is pretty light. I've done pages and pages of notes with it (at least two refills of the converter) and have loved writing with it. It's not quite as nice in my hand as the Conklin Durograph (nor is it as pretty!) but it's a great pen and I can recommend it.

2. The Jinhao X450
This was also bought on a whim from eBay and was a mere £3.99 including shipping. No box, just a Jiffy bag, but then, it was £3.99. I went for the red and gold lacquer-effect and it's very attractive. Again, it came with a converter but could also take short international standard cartridges I think. I have used the converter.

Jinhao X450

The cap is a click-fit and feels very secure. The nib is comparable to both the Nemosine and the Conklin at 22mm. It too is very smooth and the line that it lays down is slightly finer than the Nemosine. There is a slightly moulded grip but it isn't as irritating or as pronounced as the Lamy pens.

Jinhao X450, cap removed
Jinhao X450, converter shown

Jinhao X450 close up of the nib

However... the thing weighs a tonne! The weight distribution in my hand feels all wrong and I find I'm gripping it tightly so my hand cramps up. It is not a pen I enjoy using! It is going to a new home.

Nib comparisons:
All three have large nibs! I'm getting used to that, but it's something to be aware of if you're used to a more petite nib. The measurements given in the image below are from the edge of the grip where the nib emerges, to the tip of the nib.

Top: Conklin Durograph (nib size = 23mm)
Middle: Jinhao X450 (nib size = 22mm)
Bottom: Nemosine singularity (nib size = 23mm)
Line comparisons

In summary, I would say that the Nemosine is a cracking good pen - light in the hand but not too thin (thin pens can make my hand cramp up too) with a fabulously smooth nib. The Jinhao X450 probably suits somebody but it doesn't suit me because it's too heavy. It's nicely made, attractive looking and has a smooth nib, but my hand feels horrible after writing with it and since my 'job' now is writing, I have to feel comfortable with my tools of the trade! The Nemosine is a keeper; the Jinhao is going to a new home.

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