Friday, 12 December 2014

The madness of Paperchase reductions

I popped into Paperchase the other day (as you do...), to have a browse and cheer myself up and found that they have reduced their 18 month diary inserts for organisers. No problem there...! What seems to me a teensy bit bonkers is that the 18 month WO2P personal (which covers all of 2015) is now £3.50 yet the WO2P for Jan-Dec 2015 is £5. Similarly, the WO2P in pocket: 18 months (covering all of 2015) is £2.80 and the Jan-Dec 2015 is £4. Who is buying the 2015 versions at more than the reduced 18 month versions?? I bought one of each of the 18 month versions and saved myself £2.70, and I have some spare scrap paper from the 6 months of ‘useless’ diary... I used some of the savings to buy two zip-lock wallets in personal size (£1.75). I realise that because a third of the product is ‘useless’ they have to reduce them, but still, it seems daft to make them less than the new 2015 versions.

Anyway, I will endeavour to review them soon.


  1. I can understand their logic! Any 2014 dated product will have zero appeal after the end of 2014 (regardless of including all 2015 pages). They need to be cleared. On the other hand a lot of people are currently looking for 2015 diaries and will continue to do so until well into January. I wouldn't be reducing the price of 2015 dated products at the peak time for their purchase!

    1. I guess the madness is not that they should reduce the 2015 stock at the moment (I agree - that would be daft!) but perhaps that the price of the 18 month versions were not 50% more than the 12 month ones when full price. Then they could reduce them to clear but they would be the same price as the 12 month versions...?
      Anyway, in many ways, I don't care! I got a bargain...