Monday, 15 December 2014


A few weeks ago, I thought I would use one of my (many) Leuchtturm A5 notebooks as a 2015 goal/project planner. There are enough pages in one to have 4 pages for every week, monthly planning pages and a few pages at the back for a year-review too. I would have set up the 249 pages as so:

Page 1: goals for the year
Page 2: Quarter 1 goals
Page 3: Quarter 2 goals
Page 4: Quarter 3 goals
Page 5: Quarter 4 goals
Pages 6-29: Two pages per month for notes/goals/lists/anything and everything
Pages 30-241: Four pages for every week (allowing for an extra week to overlap the end of 2014 and the start of 2016)
[The pages would be split into: notes for the week + Mon; Tue + Wed; Thu + Fri; Sat + Sun]
Pages 242-249: Review of the year

That, of course, was all before I hit burnout. Right now, I can’t even think what I will be doing in January, never mind the rest of 2015. Actually, I can’t even think what I will be doing tomorrow, never mind January!

Maybe I can just start to use a Leuchtturm A5 like this once I’m able to start contemplating planning again.

Does anyone else use a notebook for a home-made planner like this? If so, what do you use and how do you use it?


  1. That looks like a good idea - currently I use existing formats rather than try to set up my own. Not enough time to think of what would suit me best, and when I do I over complicate it so that although technically it should work for me as it has spaces for everything I want, it doesn't actually work for me as I find it too distracting :-D

  2. I also think that this sounds like a good idea.
    I've never tried this as I just don't have many notebooks since getting a Filofax & I know that I'd miss being able to move things around. However, that said I also have a Raydori & think that it could work well in this way.