Friday, 4 July 2014

de Villiers update

As I said in this post, I won a black de Villiers slimline binder on eBay. It arrived and it was lovely – in immaculate condition and absolutely divine.
Here are some pictures:


I haven’t moved in, because I no longer have it.

Before you all think I have gone even madder than normal, I still have a slimline de Villiers.

Ha! That’s confused you all!

I have Steve from Philofaxy’s (that was Anita’s) red, slimline de Villiers. Still with me?

When the black one arrived, despite its absolute gloriousness, I knew it was not to be because it was black and I need a colour pop and anyway, I had seen Steve’s/Anita’s red one so I knew red ones existed. I contacted Steve and he agreed to swap my black one for his red one.

So, last weekend, the de Villiers crossed the Channel (the red one must have been getting a bit fed up of this parcel to post existence...).

I knew the red one was ‘pre-loved’ (aka battered and well used) and indeed, it was in need of a bit of tender loving care, so I gave it a clean and some red leather polish and some love and now it is drop dead gorgeous (in a well-used kind of way).
[I did a guest post on Philofaxy on renovating it, which you can see here.]

Ta da!!

Interior - interestingly, the mirror-image of the black one

So now I just have to tweak my set-up a bit so I can move in.


  1. I'm delighted that the red De Villiers has stayed within our little online community & I look forward to hearing about how you're getting on with it! I did wonder if I would regret giving it away, but I know that I can't cope with owning binders & not using them... And I know what you mean about needing colour as I loved my black Ascot, but the lack of colour just became a problem for me.

    1. Keep your eyes peeled - I have a couple more posts about it coming up. I honestly don't know how you managed to give it up... but I'm glad you did!!!

  2. Beautiful! You did a great job with smartening it up! I'm really looking forward to reading about your setup. I have so many things I want to say about your post on tweaks to your system, but I'm still trying to organise my thoughts into words that make sense :) This is a great series of posts, thank you!

  3. Nice restoration job. I actually prefer well-loved binders. If something's pristine and new, I have a hard time being the one to make it less so.

    My two favorite binders at the moment are very well-lived in - one has black marks on the spine and scratches on the hardware, and the other has color transfer on the clasp. Both are delightfully floppy.