Saturday, 11 October 2014

Another compact...

Apologies for the silence!! Work has been hell and non-work has been busy (but in a really good way, so can’t complain there!)
Anyway, my news is that I think (think...!) that I have finally solved that personal/pocket conundrum.

Use a compact.

Not so hard, huh?

See, the regular-size personal can feel like a brick and the pocket-size, though lightweight, can’t cope with cards well enough to be planner+wallet. But, the de Villiers with its 10 card slots in the cover and small rings is just grand. So grand, that I have been on the look-out for another compact to have as a spare/back-up. There are a number of compacts out there, but if they don’t have oodles of card slots, they’ll have all the same problems that the pocket-size does – i.e. ring space gets taken up with card-holders.

Enter a Cavendish...

Nope, not the Cavendish with the humongous rings (have one of them... ‘brick’ doesn’t come close). A compact Cavendish. Same internal layout but with oval 15mm rings (11 mm in the smaller diameter).

I’ve seen compact Cavendish binders come up on eBay in the past and thought “Who buys a Cavendish with small rings??? Isn’t the point of them that they have HUGE rings????”

And then it turns out that I buy them. Who’d have guessed.

Anyway, unlike the big-ring version, it seems like few people (other than me) want the compact version so I got it for a pretty good price (about £20 including p+p). The rings are perfect and though it needs a bit of a clean, it’s otherwise in pretty good condition. I don’t think it has been used much and the dings in the leather are from storage I reckon.

It has exactly the same layout as its bigger brother, but with smaller rings. The inside left has eight card slots and a full-height pocket behind. The inside right has a full-height pocket and a ¾ height pocket in front (hmm... maybe nearer ⅞ height). On the outer cover (back) there is a zipped pocket. The pocket is not useful enough to put money in but is pretty good for spare cards that don’t need to go in the front slots and things like stamps and so on.

Back, with the zipped pocket

Unlike the de Villiers (and another reason I bought it) the Cavendish has both a pen-loop (smallish – fits my Zebra diary pen perfectly) and a strap to keep it closed. Also unlike the de Villiers it currently (empty) doesn’t lie flat-as-a-bat but I think when the contents go in, it will. It is also black (and I normally need a good colour-pop but we’ll see how I get on!).

Has anyone else ever had one of these “light-bulb moments” when after faffing about for ages over the different sizes they suddenly have a Goldilocks find that’s just right?


  1. Yay, this sounds like such a good solution! I was lucky enough to hold one of these after buying it to send to someone abroad, and it's a gorgeous, practical binder. And yes, I recently had a Goldilocks moment, and now I'm finally in A6! I always wanted to but never had the chance until finding VDS. Now I have a custom A6 which suits me perfectly, and can see why you love Indie so much :) I'm also having insert success with DIYFish. And I've been revisiting your 'setup' post again, to try to get my goals and plans in order. I've followed parts of your method ever since I first read it, but somehow it really finally twigged for me just yesterday that while I've been good at defining my big goals, I haven't been careful enough at the 'project' stage and have been listing projects as tasks - then avoiding them of course! I know I'm being super cheeky again, but do you still have the files for your project and goal sheets for A6 you might be willing to share? I can't make anything look and feel right like yours!

    1. Hi there! I'm glad you've had a Goldilocks moment! I've emailed you about the inserts. Want to do a post on your A6 binder as a guest post?? (Even if you don't, send me some piccies?? I'm dying to see what it looks like).
      Glad you're getting your set-up to work for you. Catch up soon, A.x

  2. I love the compact size too! Which Zebra pen do you use in your planner? I love Zebra pens! I just purchased the Sarasa Gel Pen .5mm and I love the way it writes. I wish there was no rubber grip on it though, it is difficult to get into most pen loops.

    1. Hi Veronica,
      I use a Zebra Sharbo diary pen/pencil combo, which I got from Cult Pens (no affiliation, just had great service). It has a ballpoint (black) and a propelling pencil and the barrel is 8mm diameter. Hope that helps!

    2. Hmm - not sure Cult Pens still do them, but eBay seems to...

  3. Thanks so much Amanda. I'll check out the Sharbo. Enjoy your new compact!