Sunday, 22 December 2013

Filofax... Mulberry... Filofax... Mulberry?

This (regular) dilemma is also known as “Siren Songs coming from Red and Indie”.

I love the turquoise Baroque. And the pink Baroque. So much so I could (almost) sell all the other personal-sized filofaxes that I possess (note I did insert an almost in there!).

But then, I love the pocket Baroque, and I love Red and I love little Indie (actually, I love both Indies, but we’re talking carry-about planners here...). I only need to open the bottom drawer of the desk (where the humungous filofax/Mulberry party is! See here...!) for all the siren songs to come bellowing out at me.

Pick me!? Pick meeeee!!!!

It’s my turn!!!!

This, it must be said, has NOT been helped by me buying another A5 Mulberry (more on that another day... move along). Not that I am contemplating using the new one for my carry-around, but it made me think about why I adore the Mulberry binders so much, but don’t currently use the A6 for my carry-around.

Apart from the lack of diary inserts (short of going to Mulberry and paying a premium, they are few and far between), the main issue I have (since I could print my own diaries!) is the lack of card-slots and pockets. I might get around the card-slots with some stick-on card holders and some old overhead-projector sheets (a project for the holidays!) but the zipped coin pocket is still defeating me. Yes, there is a zipped pocket in the Mulberry, but it isn’t useful for coins and I use it instead for stamps and bits and bobs. What I really want is a small zipped purse that I can put holes in and hang on the rings, like I do with the clear pencil case in the Baroque but I’m having difficulty finding one. I do think that once I crack that, there might be no stopping me...

Until then, I will be in one of the Baroques (or possibly a Portland...).

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