Friday, 6 September 2013

DID I downsize to 15mm rings?


Moving on...

What, you want the gory details?

Oh... Alright then.

The card holders did for me. They always do. By the time they were on and the cards were in the slots and the duplex diary with notepaper interleaved were in, it seemed pretty full. The address book would have fitted well in the slot behind the cards, but then the back was getting a bit bulky and then I couldn’t find anywhere sensible to put vouchers... and in rummaging around in the bottom drawer of the desk where the massive filofax party has been going on for MONTHS, I saw Red and then I was tempted to move back into her, since she started bleating on about, “well, if the card slots are filling it all up and you’re only using it because it’s red, then what about me?? What about ME???”

So I shifted everything back to the Baroque. If I ever move back to a planner plus wallet system, I would use the Portland in a heartbeat, but to try and combine the two functions in a 15mm ring binder seems beyond me.

Oh, and I've also recently acquired a navy blue Portland in personal. More on that soon...

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