Saturday, 24 August 2013

Why have I just bought a red pocket Portland?

Do I actually read my own blog? It would seem not as in previous posts, I have said:
I've tried a 15mm pocket and I just can't fit all my stuff in there
I've begun to realise that however close other binders come to being 'as good as a Baroque', they aren't Baroques

So WHY have I just got myself a pocket Portland?
Are the answers: “It’s red” and “It’s a red Portland and they’re not all that common, you know” and “I gave my pocket Portland in black to my hubby and I miss it” good enough?

No, I thought not.

So, why do I think I can get on okay with a 15mm ring pocket now when I never have before? I mean, I have a 15mm pocket Cavendish with a better layout than a Portland in some ways (see the review I did of it comparing it to the Aston and the Portland that hubby now owns, here) and I’ve never used it.

Well, of course, I won’t get on with 15mm rings! Who am I trying to kid?

Whilst it ticks several boxes for me: bright colour, lies flat-as-a-bat, has several card slots... has a highly significant flaw in those 15mm rings.

But I’ll try. I’ll try.

And then the “I want something red, but a bit bigger than this but not as big as a personal filofax” will kick in and I will be back in Red. And then I won’t be able to get all the cards out of the slots easily enough so I will be back in the Baroque.

Plus ├ža change and all that.

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