Friday, 19 April 2013

Arrival of a Classic Pocket Filofax

When I did my post on “Back in a pocket” I hinted at the imminent arrival of a classic pocket in red.
Well, it arrived last Friday.
And I almost immediately thought about putting it up for sale.


Because I didn’t think I would get on with it.

It meets many of my requirements for a binder, but it had an epic fail on an important one… flattablity.

I need my binder to lie flat as a bat. This one lies as flat as a camel.

Don’t get me wrong, the filofax is lovely! It’s a very handsome beast. It’s the colour of blood (Oh. Maybe only I would find that description appealing… it’s “cherry” I think on the filofax site), has 4 card slots and a full-height pocket behind on the inside front cover and a zipped pocket and a full-height pocket behind on the inside back cover. It has 19mm rings.

It really is beautiful and probably could be trained to lie flat, but maybe not by me who hasn’t a huge heap of patience!

Anyway, pictures:

Cover – there is little creasing near the spine which shows as paler, but a dab of red leather cream resolved that. (these pictures were taken before I used the leather cream…)
[Incidentally, for those of you wondering, Collonil Classic Shoe Cream in red is the right shade for a blood cherry coloured binder]

“Open” (I use the word incorrectly):

Inside front cover: 4 card slots and one full-height pocket behind.

Inside back cover: zipped pocket and full-height pocket behind.

The filofax (I think) has never/barely been used. I am currently trying to train it to lie flat. If I fail, I will sell it (though the colour is wonderful and I like it otherwise!)

Anyone got any good training tips for a Classic (or is it doomed to fail?).


  1. My daughter-in-law recently got a Finsbury. It didn't lie flat at all. In fact, when she laid it on the counter open, it closed itself. She opened it flat and put heavy books on each side to hold it down. She did that for a couple of days. Then she just gently bent it back for several days. It's much better now. It still doesn't lay "flat" but she can live with it.

  2. I love the color of this binder! Love saturated red color! I want to have a pocket ff as a walled, and it SHOULD be a saturated red color! Where did you get yours? For how much?

    1. I got mine from eBay for a very good price (less than £20 including p+p). They do come up on there from time to time and I think they are still available from Filofax themselves too. Hope you find one!