Monday, 30 April 2012

Are you an inny or an outy?

No, I’m not talking belly-buttons, but tabs on filofaxes. The idea was sparked by a comment by Saffy on the new dividers I made for Mr Holborn (which has sadly been deleted by the author…) which said:
Wow, they look great. Interesting, when I was spending a few hours with my daughter and new label maker we both made labels for our filofaxes. I put my labels facing inwards like yours, my daughter faced her labels facing out which I immediately thought was odd. I wonder what others do? Did you plan for the labels to be facing in?

I always have my labels facing in (and so would call myself an “inny”).

I found it intriguing that others might be “outy” and then wondered if it was to do with handedness.
So, in the name of scientific research, I have a poll. Are you an inny or an outy (or indeed a vertical)? And also, which hand is dominant? If, like me, that’s a tricky one to answer – which hand do you most commonly write with?

Inny – the bottom of the letters on the tab labels are towards the inside of the filofax
Outy – the bottom of the letters on the tab labels are towards the outside of the filofax
Vertical – the tab labels are orientated vertically

Please vote in the poll?


  1. Hmmm, I've never thought of not having my tabs facing in! I wonder if the "outy" group also labels their traditional manilla office folders outward? Interesting...

  2. @Amanda, I didn’t delete my comment it just disappeared when I logged out. As it kept happening, I stopped leaving comments because they would just self delete when I logged off. I have no idea why but Steve did mention that others were having the same problem. Happily the glitch appears to have been fixed now. I didn’t realise the comment still went through to you.

    I guess I am definitely an inny right-handed.