Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Personal Baroque (part 3)

Well, I am surprised!
I have tried to use a personal size filofax I don’t know how many times and failed. Every single time. Seriously. Left it on a desk and wished it would go away kind of failed.
Maybe this is the one.
(Or maybe I’m still only a week in and haven’t got fed up yet?)

I’ve actually converted it to not only be my diary/notes/to do list thing, but incorporated the contents of the mini-baroque purse-o-fax. I have now shifted my business cards out of the zipped pocket and put my coins in there, put my commonly used bank cards/credit cards in the slots on the LHS, tucked some vouchers and stamps into the slots, put store cards and so on in a card holder in the back, and used the vertical full-height pocket to put money (notes) in. I have to say, the layout of the pockets and slots and things is currently working really well for me. The mini had the zipped pocket behind the cards and it didn't work at all.
My supermarket loyalty card (which is meant to go on a key-ring) has been transferred to the rings and my business cards are in the plastic pocket (along with the guinea-fowl card and a picture of me and DH).

Updated picture to show the wallet-function on the LHS

I still hate the diary (the one that I transferred from the city dweller pack) but not so much that I am going to use the WO2P version that came with it and transcribe things across. I’m one of those who is not a fan of the Dodo pads (sorry to those of you who are) and so even though they are practically giving them away on eBay, I won’t be getting one. I’ll struggle on with the current thing until I crack (and then resort to the WO2P probably). Assuming the love-affair with the Baroque is still going strong, I will get a lined WO2P for next year and insert a sheet of lined paper where needed for my daily-list.

Diary pages showing horrible city dweller greyness, miniscule writing and my 'daily bucket' on the RHS - scrap paper with 3 holes punched in it.

The pen-slot still seems extremely small (it holds a pencil just fine; anything any bigger… nah) but I have transferred a slimline ballpoint over. You can see it in the picture above. It really was too hard to get the filofax pen out (and I don’t like writing with it much anyway!).

I decided to personalise some of the dividers...

Personalised divider for the to-do lists section

Personalised divider for Diary - the expression on this cat epitomises my feelings some days!

Personalised info divider page

Anyway, I love it so much (and I always debated and debated over the colour – turquoise or pink? Turquoise or pink??) that I have now just ordered the turquoise from the French site too (since it really won’t be around forever!). Is that just utter madness? If you’re on the look-out for refills/dividers etc – check out the ‘for sale’ page on here. When the turquoise filofax arrives, most of its contents will be on there!

But... Caribbean Princess has also thrown a right royal spanner in the works, with her crimson Malden. Oh, what's a girl to do?? Get the Malden as well???

Either way of course, the question will be: which one to carry around with me?

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  1. Yay the personal size is working for you! I am so pleased. I think your baroque looks lovely and feminine. The crimson Malden is more serious, although beautiful too. But at the price it is available for on city organiser, you should probably get it! Hehe.
    I love the personalised dividers. The cat picture is hilarious! I love that facial expression.

  2. I love the expression on the blue cat! Sad thing is, I have not been blessed with a "poker-face" and have that exact expression far too many times!!

    I do love the look of the Malden and each time you post about it I think... shall I?? And as you say, for the price it is on City Organiser...

    But, the baroques are suiting me well at the moment and, doesn't everyone have a Malden now?? :-)

    tbh, I'm just amazed that the personal size is working for me!

  3. I'll post about the turquoise baroque soon btw!

  4. Amanda, I too have both colours of the Baroque, they are such lovely filo's. The layout of the Baroque and Malden are almost the same except in the Malden behind the notepad pocket I think it is a full length pocket? They both have really soft pliable leather. To me the Malden seems more ‘professional’ and the Baroque more ‘personal’ although I was toying with the idea of using one as a work filo and downsizing from my A5. The embossing inside the Baroque is so pleasing to look at when writing in it. I really love the Adelphi too, must be the embossed leather that attracts me. Can’t wait to read about your Turquoise Baroque.