Wednesday, 20 April 2011

In-the-bag test of the Baroque (part 1)

After I did a compare and contrast for an ‘in-the-handbag’ filofax (A5 or personal – see here) I have been bag-testing the Baroque personal.

As it was when it arrived...

I bought this gorgeous little thing from the French filofax site and I use its baby sister the mini as my wallet. When I bought it, I was thinking ‘Why?’ as I have tried to use a personal size filofax in the past and always given up (and just been disorganised. I don’t especially get on with electronic things either…). It always seemed too small to write in.

A personal has failed for me for one main reason. When I am out and about, I like to write. These could be blog ideas, character notes for a story, plot ideas, etc. The personal never worked for me because the rings got in the way. Someone on here suggested that I try a slimline filofax as the rings were smaller but the rest of my writing stuff is in an A5 binder and an A5 slimline (do they even exist?) would probably still be big.

But I think I have solved it.

If the journey is big/long enough to warrant taking my writing filofax with me, it goes on the trip. If it isn’t, then it stays at home and I take my Cartesio notebook with me. On short trips, I am probably just scribbling ideas that need fleshing out (which I can then do when I am at home and reunited with the A5 writing filofax) and so the smaller notebook isn’t a problem. The Cartesio, having sewn-in pages, has no problem with the rings getting in the way and although not a true hardback, is firm enough to write in with it balanced on your knee.
The Baroque then covers everything else that isn’t writing-related. I realise this isn’t ideal and that I’m carrying two things rather than managing to combine them, but I’m willing to give it a go as the combined weight of the Baroque and the Cartesio is still less than the A5 filofax.

I admit it... the A5 is a bit of a beast
I’ll post on how I finally set the Baroque up soon.

sneak preview...


  1. Holee crap I love that Filofax! Any idea when the US might be getting it? Gorgeous!!!

  2. Hi Rori,
    I don't know if it's been and gone, never went to the US or what. It's largely discontinued now in Europe although there are still some blue ones for sale on the French filofax site (though postage might be steep?).
    It is just absolutely glorious though! From the outside, it just looks all sleek and innocent. And then... you open it and it's just amazing. When I bought it, I didn't actually use a personal size but I just had to have it!

  3. @Rori,
    There's a black Baroque personal on sale at Bizarrely, they don't show an image of the interior! They are missing such a trick! Anyway, when I looked it was $60 and free shipping I think. Any use??

  4. Hi, I found your site while I was looking for reviews on the Baroque. My filofax (black suede *swoon*) got stolen and I am looking for a replacement.
    What would you say is the outside of Baroque like? More suede-y or the usual leather? I cannot get myself to get a normal leather one, not after having a suede one.
    Thanks for your feedback.

  5. @Unknown
    No the outside is smooth leather, not suede.
    Hope you manage to find one that suits.

  6. I'm absolutely in love with my baroque (personal, turquoise). I just got a pocket Malden and I love it, but it just doesn't have the same luxurious feel as the baroque.

  7. Do you think you would ever sell your Baroque?

    1. No. I'm not using either of them at the moment but I'll never sell them.