Thursday, 17 March 2011

You can (and should) judge a book by its cover…

I’ve blogged earlier about different kinds of notebooks (see here) and about what makes a good notebook. I’m currently hunting for the perfect notebook for jotting down ideas – ideas about blogs, articles, stories, etc. These are not ‘remember to get the dry-cleaning’ kind of jottings, or ‘look for this book’ etc. For those, I use a mini filofax (the purse-o-fax – see earlier blog post here). The notebook is to capture creative ideas while I am out and about.

Why not just use a filofax? Instead of/as well as carrying the mini, carry a bigger one to write in? And I do love a nice filofax! I love a) the flexibility of the system and b) the tactile feel and luxury of them and I already have a good number to my name (some without uses at the moment!). So why don’t I just use a filofax for an ideas notebook?

Hmm… this is where size starts to matter. Whatever I use needs to be light enough for me to want to carry around, even on a small walk (as opposed to a proper walk with a rucksack), but not so small or awkward I won’t enjoy using it. If I carry a personal filofax, the rings annoy me and writing in it is a pain; anything bigger than that starts to be a bit too heavy.

Okay, so what’s wrong with my current notebook de jour – my Cartesio  in sea-green (large - 21cm x 13cm)? This is the perfect size, has a beautiful cover that makes me want to use it, and if needed, it tucks into the vertical pocket of my A5 Finchley filofaxes. Sounds perfect, no?

Well, on Monday I might have a thought about a blog and on Tuesday think of a great plot for a story and Wednesday think of an article… and then all the ideas will become jumbled up. I want to be able to file things and a sewn notebook like the Cartesio doesn’t let me do that.

So, I’m torn between the flexibility of being able to move pages around and the ability to write easily across the whole surface, without having to stop and take pages out (as I would with a filofax). And, whatever I decide on has to feel beautiful to use and be fabulous to look at.

What I really want is a notebook where I can pull the pages out to file them, has paper that is a delight to write on and which has a beautiful cover. (Otherwise I could use any one of a whole host of nasty little notebooks where you can pull the pages out).

Any suggestions??


  1. Rhodia pads have lovely paper. When I go out for a quick errand or a walk, I often carry a No. 13. The covers aren't exactly beautiful, but (I believe) they do possess a charm of their own; however, I will admit to preferring the black over the signature Rhodia orange covers.

    Also, I find that slimline Filofaxes have fairly unobtrusive rings, have you tried them? Perhaps that could work as a purse-o-fax. I have an ancient slimline Metropol and it weighs almost nothing.

  2. I don't have any suggestions that fit your criteria. I use a baby moleskine for blog ideas. I look forward to reading about what you end up using!

  3. Ooh... maybe a slimline? That's a good suggestion... (then I would have gone from no filofaxes... to one in pretty much every size... in less than 6 months!).
    Maybe if I found a nice cover that could go over the Rhodia... that could work too. Anyone seen a nice (preferably leather) cover for sale in the UK?