Saturday, 18 January 2020

Stalogy cover

In fairness, I didn't really need a cover for my Stalogy as it wasn't going to be anywhere other than my desk, but... well, you all understand!

I had a browse on Etsy and found a seller who made plain, simple leather covers. I don't need any bells and whistles for the cover, just something sturdy and nice. Anyway, the seller was whpdesign and they do a range of colours/leathers etc.

I ordered a brown leather cover:

I've never had a genuine Traveler's Notebook cover, but I suspect this is similar. It marks fairly easily (which I don't mind. If you do mind that kind of thing, there are other finishes available), but has some lovely markings and a matte finish. If/when it gets really bashed, I'll probably wax it.

The cover is pretty simple. The covers on my Stalogy slip into vertical slip pockets:

The cover, empty
With my Stalogy in it

There's a small pocket at the bottom of the inside front cover - I use it to keep a few stickers in (mostly to remind me to use some and my journal not just end up text-dense as usual).

The cover wasn't hugely expensive. The biggest disappointment was that I asked the seller to use as little plastic as possible in the packing. It came in a plastic/synthetic dustbag, which was then wrapped in another grey plastic bag, and this was then in another grey plastic bag with the delivery details on it. There was also a free plastic ring-binder. And a keyring in another plastic dustbag. Not one bit of the packaging was biodegradable. The seller had messaged me to say they'd used as little plastic as possible, but I'm struggling to see how they could have used more. I'd have been more than happy with no dustbag and one of the grey bags replaced with a sheet of newspaper.

The plastic ring binder is A5, with Filofax-style rings (6 rings in two groups of three). The rings are the same spacing as Filofax A5. I don't really know what I'll do with it - take it to a charity shop I suspect. While it's nice in many ways that there were freebies, I specifically asked for very little plastic and got shed-loads of it. It's made me very reluctant to buy from them again, which is a shame, as the cover itself is beautiful (and biodegradable).

I'm loving the B6 Stalogy so much, I'm sure I'll use another, and B6 is a great little size, so even if I didn't, I will probably buy other B6 notebooks to go in it, in the future.

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