Sunday, 1 September 2019

I've bought my 2020 planner...

... and no major surprises but it's by Box Clever Press again and is the 2020 version of the diary/planner I've been using all through 2019.

Last year, I found the perfect layout and planner for me and I was worried that either the company wouldn't make it again or would fiddle with it so that it was no longer just right. I'm delighted they haven't!

So, why is it so perfect for me? As I said last year, I have a LONG list of 'must-haves'. I need a diary that:
  • is about A5 size
  • has a week to a view with the days in vertical columns (so I can time-box)
  • has equal sized columns for Saturday and Sunday (my life isn't less busy, just because it's a weekend!)
  • has the week starting on a Monday (who in their right minds splits the weekend so that it bookends the week? It's a weekend)
  • has space to list tasks for the week
  • preferably also has space to list Most Important Tasks for each day
  • would help me with planning my week/month/year
  • preferably is pretty/attractive because I have neither the time nor talent to do it myself but like the look of them
  • will lie flat on the desk
  • preferably has 2 ribbon markers, but at least one
The Box Clever Enjoy Every Day A5 diary ticks all the boxes. Yep. Every single one! Here's a (picture-heavy) walk-through...
First up, let me just say that I've added in the month tabs that you can see in the pictures. The diary didn't come with them, but I find them really useful. I bought them last year from eBay (in a pack that will cover about 5 more years!).

You've seen the cover at the start of the post. Inside that are some decorative end-papers:

Following that, is a page for adding your details. I haven't taken a picture and I never use these as the diary won't actually leave the house all year!
There's then a summary page of 2020 (which I won't use) and a page for Goals and Dreams for 2020.

There's then a double-spread for plans for 2020. I used this last year and it was hilariously inaccurate, so I'm not sure if I'll use it this year!

Next up are two double-spreads for project planning:

Skipping to the back, after all the diary pages is a double-spread for notes and lists. It's on dot-grid and with some pretty (but unobtrusive) decorations around the edge of the pages:

After that is a double-spread for Christmas notes and plans, but which may well just be used for general notes:

There's then a page for notes and lists, and a goals and dreams for 2021 page:

Then a double-spread of plans for 2021:

A space for important websites, and useful numbers (I probably won't use these):

And right at the back, a 2021 summary calendar and a pocket in the back cover (not photographed).

But... it's the diary pages that are the best bits for me! At the start of each month, there's a monthly spread (which I've been using to note blog post schedules and other big things):

After that, is a page for plans for the month and one for expenditure. I won't use the expenditure pages for expenditure. I'll use it for a list of monthly to-do and use correction tape over the titles (which is what I've done this year). The box at the RHS is used as a simple tick-box.

The main part is a vertical week to view. It's split into 3 sections but doesn't have time slots. This year I've used the top two sections as timed slots, running from 8-6 and used the bottom section to either note my Most Important Tasks for the day and/or what's for dinner. On the LHS is space for a list of weekly to-do and along the bottom of the page are spaces to note how you're progressing your goals.

For me, this is just about perfect as a layout (I would remove the mini-calendar thing and have another goal box to make it absolutely perfect...). I use the vertical layout to time-box my day, and the to-do space has plenty of lines to it. There's enough 'pretty' around the edges, but not so much that it's distracting or too cluttered.

And one of the amazing features? It's only £10.99 with free UK delivery.

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