Saturday, 13 May 2017

Stationery box from Pocket Notebooks

Stuart, from Pocket Notebooks very kindly sent me the April box of stationery to play with. You can get these specially curated stationery boxes monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly for £21/box. This is what it says on the site:
Personally curated by Stuart, this is a blend of category leading brands and outliers. Each edition will be different and designed to delight. All packed into a letterbox-friendly box and sent through the post.
A box might contain two three-packs of pocket notebooks. It might contain a three pack and larger format book. It might contain all sort of stationery related 'extras'.
Limited Editions will be included in some of the subscription boxes.
Second payments and beyond are all taken on the 5th of each month, and boxes sent on or around the 15th. Normal shipping policies apply.
For every curated subscription box shipped, £1 will be donated to The National Literacy Trust.
 You can also buy the box as a one-off, which takes the price up to £22.50.

So, what's in the box? Is it worth it? Should you sign up for the box immediately? (the short answers are lots of goodies; absolutely; and absolutely!)

What's in the box?
The box arrived addressed to The Most Excellent Dr Amanda Fleet which made my day even before opening the parcel!
As ever there was a lovely attention to detail. The contents were wrapped in purple tissue paper, fastened with a branded Pocket Notebooks sticker.

(Amazingly, I managed to take a picture before I ripped the paper off!)

Inside, there was a bundle of goodies, a handwritten card from Stu (saying Tally Ho!) and a list of the contents (which I didn't remember to photograph, but the picture wouldn't be all that exciting to see!).

Goodies (with more goodies hidden)
As Stu shares his birthday with Samuel Morse, inventor of the Telegraph and Morse Code, the April collection celebrated him and his inventions. This is what the notes said about the contents:
  1. A Limited Edition set of 3 ruled notebooks from Write Notepads & Co. of Baltimore, Maryland. The Samuel Morse Edition. Made of 105gsm lined paper (with a margin), these 64 page, glue bound books perform well with most writing instruments. I love them. Last year's limited editions have appreciated in value.
  2. A set of 3 staple bound traveller notebooks, Black Space from Darkstar Collection. 56 pages of 100gsm paper. The books are 'Welsh Pocket' at 14cm x 10cm, so slightly larger than American pocket and a little smaller than A6. Hand-finished in Wales by Craig Janik, the paper is smooth, white and has a lovely 'cross' dot grid.
  3. A pack of six Limited Edition 'Telegraph' pencils from Write Notepads & Co. Made by Shelbyville Tennessee from American Cedar. Before you rip into them - note that these are already sold out in the US. I reserved my allocation for you guys, the subscribers.
  4. Extras... well, it's always nice to find a little something...
There were indeed some extras! As well as the customary sweetie that comes with a Pocket notebooks order, there were also  a couple of very sweet scooter paper clips and a dinky notebook by Write Notepads & Co. - plain, 6cm x 9.5cm, glue bound at the top. There was also a postcard by Papio Press (of sloths).

Clockwise from top left:
Ltd Ed. Samuel Morse notebooks by Writepad & Co.
Black Space notebooks from Darkstar Collection
Write Notepad & Co. card label
Write Notepad & Co. dinky notebook (with scooter clips on top)
Papio Press postcard, Telegraph pencils and sweetie

Is it worth it?
Absolutely! The Samuel Morse notebooks are on the site at £12 (see here), the Darkstar are £8 on the site (see here), which takes you up to almost the cost of the box, before you add in the Ltd Ed pencils (which were $4.99 on the US site but which you can't now get for love nor money it seems!), the clips, the dinky notebook, the postcard and the sweetie!
It also feels like it genuinely is curated. The main contents are all there for a reason - they match the theme of the month and the extras are all useful and appreciated.

Should you sign up for the box immediately?
Do you like stationery and notebooks? (if not... what on earth are you doing on this blog??)
Do you like getting something in the post full of goodies?
Do you like a surprise?
Do you like trying something new and discovering brands or books you'd not thought of before?
Then go here and sign up immediately! Go on. you know you want to!!

Thank you again to Stuart for sending me the box of delights.

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