Thursday, 2 May 2013

Reviews of: Tombow Object Fountain Pen and J Herbin diabolo menthe ink

Well, I've tidied the desk and had a play with the pen and ink combo. Both of these were bought from The Journal Shop in a spectacular 25% off for National Stationery Week offer (which, believe me, I took advantage of!!). No affiliation, just a very happy customer.

Stationery haul from The Journal Shop!

Tombow Object Fountain Pen
I chose the purple pen for no better reason than I liked the colour. The pen came with its own case (which itself was inside a card box). The case is simple but practical – a metal (aluminium I presume) box with a sponge slot to hold the pen.

Case with pen and the J Herbin ink behind

The casing of the pen is made of aluminium which makes the pen very nice and light in the hand. It takes standard size cartridges (so no needing to buy own-brand expensive things). It comes with a medium nib as standard (though you can order it with a fine or broad nib from The Journal Shop if you prefer). The nib is lovely and smooth and the pen is light so doesn't make your hand cramp up after writing for a while, but not so light that you feel it will fall out of your hand. The pen sat nicely in my hand and was very comfortable to write with. It does write quite wetly though, which may be a problem with some inks. Of course, I have only tried it with the J Herbin diabolo menthe ink so maybe it just writes wetly with J Herbin! If you find it writes wetly/less wetly with other inks, drop me a note in the comments?
The pen will hold two cartridges: one inserted into the barrel; one (the other way up) slotting into the rest of the case as a spare.
Overall: 4/5 stars. It may well become my new favourite pen.

The ink is just a bit too pale for my liking

J Herbin diabolo menthe cartridges
Whilst I was pleased with the pen, I was less enthralled by the ink I'm sad to say. The colour is just a bit too delicate for me. It's a very pretty colour, but it is too watery for my taste. This is a shame as I have loved most of the J Herbin inks I have used previously. I'm hoping that the delicacy of this one will grow on me without giving me eye-strain!
Overall: 2/5 stars. It is just too thin an ink for me.

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