Monday, 18 February 2013

Indie and I are back!

Hello everyone! Muli bwanji?*
Indie and I are back! We got back to Scotland at lunchtime yesterday after a bit of a punishing 30 hour journey. It’s nice to be home though Heathrow appears to be staffed by horrible, rude, inept, jobsworth staff. I was ashamed to be British when I arrived, Heathrow was so awful.

Anyway, how did Indie get on? Well I’m sad to say there are no pictures of him out and about with me because it’s the rainy season in Malawi at the moment and BOY it was rainy! Far too rainy to have him out in it while I faffed about taking pictures of him. But apart from that, he worked pretty well. In the end, I didn’t use him much for note-taking as we were using the Whitelines Link paper (more on that in another post) to take meeting notes, but I did jot things down in him and I did use the diary pages. He was also superb for holding money and cards and for my cheat-sheets for Chichewa. I had given him a bit of leather-treatment before we went and I’m glad I did as otherwise he would have suffered a bit in the climate, which was very humid, warm and rainy.

He’ll certainly be with me on my next trip out there and since that will be after all the rains, I will try and take pictures.

*this means: How are you? in Chichewa. The response (assuming you are well!) is Ndili bwino, kaya inu? (which means: I am and well, and you?) or Ndili bwino, zikomo (which means: I am well, thank you).

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