Monday, 16 July 2012

What's In My Bag?

I don’t normally do posts like this. When you see how little I actually have in my bag, you’ll understand why!!
But, I have just bought a new bag and swapped filofaxes and now there’s a bit of a matchy-matchy thing going on.

New bag and its contents

1. The Bag:
The bag came from Accessorize and was £15 in their sale. I bought it entirely because it was bright and it cheered me up. My mood is quite dependent on the weather and the almost incessant rain, grey skies and lack of sunshine has started to get me down. As my friends will readily attest, I am no great follower of fashion, but I gather ice-cream colours are ‘in’ and it does look like a Neopolitan!
Inside, the bag is lined with pink fabric, has one main compartment, two slip-in pockets on the front inside and a zipped pocket on the back inside. The cream oblong is another separate pocket on the front of the bag. Items 2 and 3 live in the main pocket, item 5 lives in the phone-sized slip pocket and the other items were all in the cream front pocket. [My keys, which are not in the picture, live in the other slip pocket]. The long handle is detachable (and is in fact, a tad too long for me, even wearing the bag across me, so will get some holes punched in it soon!).

2. The Filofax
For much the same reason as needing a bright bag, I have swapped out of the brown Holborn and back into the pink Baroque. The inside set-up hasn’t really changed though. I’m still using the plastic zipped pocket for coins rather than the in-built one, mostly because I’ve been enjoying being able to see how much money is in there before reaching a till. The bright pink is cheering me up no end!

3. Kindle
Hmm. Not so much matchy-matchy as clashy-clashy with the red Kindle cover and pink bag, but there we go. I still prefer a proper book most of the time, but I do also enjoy reading on my Kindle and it is lighter and thinner for carrying around.

4. Hand-cream
L’Occitane’s dry skin hand-cream. I love L’Occitane’s products! I almost always have a tube of their hand-cream with me and my bathroom cupboards are full of their products.

5. Phone
In a similar vein to not being much of a follower of fashion, I don’t have a swanky phone. In fact, this one is new! The shop assistant wasn’t too impressed when I asked for the cheapest and most basic phone they could sell me (presumably because the commission on it is non-existent). It’s a Nokia 100. It makes/receives calls. It sends/receives texts. It does have a torch and a radio too. But that’s it. I have no need for a smart phone or anything. This does everything I need it to and a single battery charge lasts about a week. In fact, my DH has an identical phone, bought at the same time (and for the same reasons) so mine has a blob of nail-varnish on the front so we can distinguish them. That’s what the small pale circle is!

6. Lip-balm
More L’Occitane! This is Pivoine Delicate lip-balm. It’s very slightly coloured, slightly scented and in the prettiest tin. I also like the fact it’s small as I have had the bigger Vaseline tins before and they last too long.

7. Tissues
I’m never without tissues.

8. Patchwork fabric sample
I’m usually without samples of patchwork material though! These were in my bag because I’m in the process of making a single-duvet-sized quilt with William Morris fabric and was taking my Mum some samples to show her.

As you can see, it’s a fairly minimalist bag and probably extremely dull as a post, but the pink is making me smile, which the weather most definitely isn’t.


  1. oh my goodness! I LOVE your purse! It is gorgeous! And a pink Baroque! PERFECT!

  2. Nice EDC you have there. Personally, I think the red kindle case goes okay with the pink...

  3. What a lovely bag & thanks for sharing :)
    I know what you mean about the weather as constant rain gets to me too. For the same reasons, I've been wearing my green coat & purple satchel together!

  4. Your posts about the pink baroque has had me searching EVERYWHERE for it! It's sooo gorgeous! <3

    Didn't find one in France when I was there. :( it was my last hope for an in-store pink Baroque.

  5. I'm trying to find a pink pocket baroque, too. I'm in the US and no luck so far. Darn! Loved this post; it's inspiring.