Friday, 26 August 2011

Personal or Pocket (part 2)

I know. I’ve already blogged about this here and already said I’m not changing. And… I am looking forward to the equinox when I will be swapping pink for turquoise in the baroques as my everyday filofax.


Curiosity killed the cat and all that and I think I have seen a format that might work. None of the currently available pockets do it for me – I either don’t like the way the cards are held or I don’t like the zipped bit, or… or… or…

Anyway, whilst doing my trawl of eBay (yes… why do I do that? I have no need for any more filofaxes!) I saw a pocket Cavendish on sale, which seemed to tick most of the boxes (except it’s black, not blue or green… but hey).

Internal layout:
LHS: four credit card slots and a full height pocket behind
RHS: full height pocket (for stuffing receipts into)
Between outer leather and inner leather: pocket running around the full external width of the filofax
Back cover (external): a zipped pocket

Now, the one I am bidding on didn’t have any of that description (except to say there was a zipper pocket on the back) or any pictures to show the layout, but there was another one also on sale (with a silly starting price), and it did! So, I had a good old look at that and have now placed a bid on the one with a sensible starting price.

I’m still pretty unconvinced I will be able to downsize to it, but I’m curious. Worst comes to the worst, I can always just sell it!

I won it! Less than £12 including P+P. I’ll post about it once it arrives.

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