Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Oh. How did that happen?

Yesterday I had two filofaxes. An A5 domino at work and an A5 Finchley at home. Both red.

Today I have five filofaxes. The two A5 red ones I just mentioned, plus, an A5 jade Finchley, a pink Baroque personal size and a pink Baroque mini. (Um, actually, I have some old ones too, not made by filofax… maybe another three personals and a pocket; only one of which is used – one of the personals as an address book)


I'm someone who didn’t really use a filofax six months ago.

And someone who delights in an A5 because she just can’t work with a personal because it’s too small.

So, the jade A5 is kind of understandable… (see earlier blogs relating to All Change!), but if I can’t get on with a personal – why did I buy one? And why did I buy a mini?

Because they were there, they were lovely, they were in the sale and because you just never know…

The mini is actually destined to become my purse-o-fax (wallet-o-fax for non-UK?). It has some credit-card slots in the front left cover and a zip-pocket and two other pockets for receipts and coupons etc, and there will be an eeny-meeny diary in it just in case I have to make an on the spot appointment (which would then get relayed to the work and home diaries). The A-Z will be dispensed with and the rings will have just notepaper in with the diary.

The personal… well, I have always yearned to be able to live out of a personal and if any of them was going to convert me it would be the Baroque – beautiful embossed leather on the inside, a zipped pocket, other little pockets, a full-length pocket (all on the inside left) and a note-block holder in the back right. (Incidentally, the mini has a note-block holder in its back right, but you can’t buy mini note-blocks in the UK…).

Both of the Baroques are soft and squidgy with smooth, smooth leather on the outside and embossed leather hiding away inside.

Once I get them all set up I will post pictures of them!

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  1. Don't worry you will soon be double figures like I am. Philofaxy will enable you but just enjoy the ride. It is great to have this community of Filofax lovers! Hehe. I can't wait to see your pictures! One of my colleagues has a teal personal baroque. I am sure the pink is lovely!