Saturday, 25 May 2019

My Every Day Carry (#EDC)

It's been a while since I shared my set-up with you, so I thought I'd give you all a quick look at what I'm using at the moment.

I need my EDC to have everything in it. There's no point me having a separate wallet and diary/notebook, because I'll forget one or other of them when I leave the house! But, I need to have something small enough that I don't wreck my back carrying it around! I'm somewhat in awe of people who merrily lug a well-stuffed A5 Filofax or planner around with them. Despite the fact I do always appear to have an enormous handbag, my EDC is pretty small.

For a long while, I'd been using my undyed extra wide pocket from Meadowgate Leather, which is slowly turning the most delicious caramel colour. But this week, I've changed out of that and into another Meadowgate Leather cover that I bought from a Facebook group.

Pocket TN from Meadowgate Leather
with extra width

It's an extra wide pocket. A6 might be pushing it, but it easily takes chunky pocket inserts without any overhang. I don't know what colour it is (technically) - it's a dark midnight blue, with pale turquoise elastics. To be honest, it was looking a bit sad and dry, but I rubbed some coconut oil into it and buffed it up and it's now much softer and has a fabulous sheen!

The inside cover has two pockets (neither of which I'm currently using, but probably will eventually). There's space for two cards in the outer pocket, with a full-height pocket behind. If/when I get some new business cards, they'll probably go in the card slots and receipts will go in the pocket.

The wallet insert takes up the most real-estate. It was made by ThreadNPrints on Etsy and at time of purchase was just under $20. There are 6 vertical card slots in the front (carrying my most frequently used cards). Behind the card slots is a full-height pocket. The right-hand side of the insert is a zipped pocket (where I keep cash). I can definitely recommend ThreadsNPrints - the range of fabrics is huge and communication with Sabrina was brilliant.

Cards all removed for security
Next up comes a homemade diary and notebook combination. The diary is a month to view, drawn up in a Moleskine pocket cahier. You all know my feelings about Moleskines, but this works okay at the moment. I don't use this diary for planning - it's entirely so that I have a diary on me when I'm out and about in case I need to book anything or check anything. My planning all takes place in my Box Clever Press diary.

After the diary pages, is space for notes. The diary tabs came from a shop on eBay. As you can see, I just tear out the note pages when I no longer need them! If I run out of note space before the end of the year, I still have a spare elastic that I can pop another pocket notebook under.

Dullest notes in the world!
Right at the back is a homemade card holder. Essentially, I followed the tutorial below! These are cards I don't need to access very often, so the potential flimsiness of the card holder is fine for me. That said, it's seemed pretty robust so far and it's definitely slimline!

Homemade slim card holder

In the back cover is a curved pocket and the pen loop (which I also don't really use).

Inside back cover
I don't really bother with making my EDC pretty (and the only pretty aspect to my Box Clever diary is pre-printed!), but this is smart and functional and does everything I need.

What do you all think?


  1. Beautiful notebook. I've recently picked up a smaller version of Meadowgate's Art and I love it. Your discussion and review makes me want to place an order for a bigger sized EDC notebook. Thanks for sharing, Jim

    1. Thank you! I LOVE Meadowgate Leather stuff. Really excellent quality. Hope you find an EDC you like.

  2. Enjoyed the post. For the summer I have gone Field Notes size for EDC. Easier to lug around for sure.

    1. Thank you! Field Notes size is so much easier than personal Filofax (which is what I used to carry!).