Saturday, 5 October 2013

Set-up change

In my last post, I described buying a WO2P diary from Paperchase and hinted that I had moved away from my week + notes set-up. Yes, the set-up that I thought was perfect for me. The one I have designed my own diary inserts around.

So, what’s gone wrong?

Life. That’s what!

Life seemed to suddenly explode a few weeks ago, between work, writing, Chimwemwe, Rotary and Life In General and although the notes side of the week + notes was working really well, the week part wasn’t. I had so much going on in each day that the smaller space of the week on one page was just too small and I couldn’t get a sense of what I was doing. I could have moved back to the week + notes + a week of DPP combo and printed myself up some DPP for use, except I know that I can start to over-plan my days with a personal sized DPP and then start to reach burn-out.

The alternative was a week to view (WO2P) and to find some way of having my weekly to-do/goals visible too (since despite completing a LOT of education, I seem unable to flip a page).

My very low-tech solution is a week on two pages plus a post-it note. Weekly to-do/tasks go on the post-it note which can then be moved as I progress through the week so I can still see what’s happening in the week.

My other change is to take all the projects notes out and move them into the navy Portland ready for when the world stands still for long enough for me to think about where my goals etc. are going these days. In the turquoise Baroque, I now have a ‘capture’ section that is half notes-on-the-run and half to-do (unrelated to any projects – just stuff I have to get done at some point). Then there are my monthly planner sheets (behind the planner tab from Paperchase), the diary from Paperchase, lists of things and finally addresses. My zipped pencil-case with vouchers and change in is still right at the front and there is the card-holder right at the back as usual.

Hopefully, this new set-up will help me stay (relatively) sane.


  1. "since despite completing a LOT of education, I seem unable to flip a page"

    ^^^This. I have thought this so many times in my life! :)

  2. Have you thought about using a pouch page finder from Franklin Covey? You can put a lot of information on that page finder.

  3. Thanks everyone!
    I haven't ever gone for the pouch page finder - they look like a lot of money for the pouch plus special inserts when a pack of post-its is 40p for a hundred. And I have a zillion packs of post-it notes in a drawer (don't we all??).
    Anyway, this is still working really well for me, thankfully (as I was going slightly mad a few weeks ago).

  4. I agree that post-its can be a great solution when you need extra space, & so easy to move about.

    Fingers crossed that the charity auction raises lots of money!
    The company gave me the organiser & it's just been sat in a drawer, so I figured an auction was a great idea. I'm going to pay for the postage, so that's my indirect donation :)