Sunday, 10 March 2013

Catching the Midori bug

Do I need another notebook?
Um. No.
Do I have umpteen unused notebooks in a drawer of my desk?
Um. Yes.
Have I been hankering after a Midori for ages and ages?
Um. No.

So why have I just ordered a piece of leather and some elastic cord, to make my own Midori-style notebook?

I blame Ray Blake. I do. It’s all his fault. What, with his easy to make inserts. And then an easy to make Midori-style notebook. He just shouldn’t be so talented! Or have such a brilliant blog! (Go check it out once you’ve read this!)

Anyway, I am not making a full-size Midori notebook (the aspect ratio doesn’t appeal and anyway, I wanted something small). I am going to try and make something closer to the passport size one (suitable for taking both passport-size Midori inserts and also Field Notes) – about 10-12cm x 15cm (about 4.5” x 6”).

Keep you posted.

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